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Message from the Pastor's Desk

Read Ephesians 5: 15-20

Have you ever heard the story about Charles Schwab and Ivy Lee? Ivy Lee was a consultant and was given an unusual challenge from Charles Schwab. Both men were extremely successful business executives. Schwab asked Ivy Lee to "show him the way to get more things done with his time". Schwab felt like he was wasting a lot of time during the day and wasn't getting as much done as he should. "Show me the way to get more things done with my time", was his request. This was so important to Charles Schwab he told Ivy Lee, if he came up with helpful suggestions that worked he'd pay Lee anything "within reason". Lee went right to work.

Have you ever felt what Charles Schwab was feeling? Have you ever thought: "I wish there were more hours in the day"; "I wish I had more time to spend with the family, and could get more accomplished at the office". Don't you wish someone would: "show you a way to get more things done with your time?"

You've got to be curious, I'm sure, regarding the suggestions Ivy Lee presented to Charles Schwab. Here's what he suggested: "At the end of a work day spend a few minutes making a list of the six most important tasks you have to do tomorrow. Number them in order of their importance, 1-6. When you arrive in the office in the morning, begin at once on No. 1 and stick with it until it's completed. Then re-check your priorities and tackle No. 2 on the list... then No. 3...then No. 4 and so on…until each item has been successfully completed. Make this a habit every working day and you'll be surprised how much you'll accomplish during any given day or week", Lee told Schwab.

Charles Schwab tried Lee's suggestions and he discovered they worked well. Bethlehem Steel grew into one of the biggest independent steel producers in the world. Still curious? You surely want to know how much Charles Schwab paid Ivy Lee for those suggestions, don't you? Well, when Schwab asked Lee for his help it was 1918 and Charles Schwab paid Ivy Lee $25,000 dollars, an equivalent to $500,000 today.

The Apostle Paul tells in Ephesians chapter 5:16 to "make the most of time...". In other words, put it to the best use, don't waste time, time is valuable, invest it wisely. Can you say you're doing that? Do you "waste" a lot of time each day? Or, are you investing your time? By that I mean, are you taking advantage of each moment of life you've been given by using, investing the time you have in the things of the Lord?

As we begin another New Year, let's each be committed to investing the time God has given us in service to Christ through the ministry of His Church.

Remember the 3 "P's": Pray for the ministry of Old Brick Church, Presence, make worship a priority in your life this New Year, come to worship each Sunday, and, Participation, invest your times, talents, and treasures in helping us to grow Old Brick Church. We thank you for your ongoing support. God bless you!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor George Kaden

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